The Dream Maker

Written by Kuan-hsin Kuo

July, 2006

On a tranquil summer night I sit in the studio. There is a blank canvas on the easel that once belonged to my grandfather. To the right of the easel there is a small black cupboard. An old wooden palette is placed on top of the cupboard with a variety of brushes spread out on its surface. I hear the chirping of distant insects and the singing of birds coming from the mountain outside the window. I lose myself in meditation. I pick up a brush and begin to paint feelings that I can only explain as arising from the depths of my subconscious mind.

For me, Taipei is a very busy and noisy city to live in. My favorite memories from childhood are of trips to the countryside. I fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and the peaceful and relaxing lifestyle of people living in harmony with nature. When I see mist moving across the mountains or the formation of clouds in the sky I am filled with poetic feelings. The sound of the ocean or the sight of an animal in the forest makes me feel happy. These things can also move me to tears.

My heart overflows with compassion when I see the physical and emotional pain that all living things sometimes have to endure in life. I wish I could stand over it all like a merciful angel with a magic wand transforming all the suffering into happiness.

Creativity is a way for me to express my feelings and beliefs about life. I paint to bring a little beauty to the world and to brighten some of the dark places in the universe with color and light. I hope that the love, the peace and the harmony in my paintings can touch and make a different to the world outside my window.