Artist opens a door to the mind

Written by David J. Hurfurt, writer/The Chinese Post

July, 2006

In her new exhibiton titled "The Dream Maker" the artist Kuo Kuan-hsin draws profound inspiration from her study of spiritual teachings. She reveals the depths of the human heart and communicates visions from a world of dreams.

Kuo says, "When I paint I lose myself in medition. I pick up a brush and begin to paint feelings that I can only explain as arising from deep inside my subconscious mind."

For Kuo creativity is a way for her to express her thoughts and feelings about life. Through her oil painting she hopes to bring a little beauty to the world and to brighten some of the dark places in the universe with color and light.

Kuo's paintings do exude extraordinary light. Her rich use of color combined with elements from nature; trees, sky, stars, moon, forests and oceans with mythical and mystical figures and classical architecture, generate a sense of tranquility in the viewer.

Kuo has a mission that she hopes to fulfill through her art. She says, "My heart overflows with compassion when I see the physcial and emotional pain that all living things sometimes have to endure in life. I wish I could stand over it all like a merciful angel with a magic wand transforming all the suffering into happiness."

Kuo's work has won high praise from prominent literary figures. Hu Immen, writer and translator of spiritual books, says "The nature of creative art is a kind of hard labor that can soothe and heal the vulnerable heart. I am deeply moved by this aspect of Kuan-hsin's paintings."

Editor-in-Chief of the United Daily News Publishing Group, Kuei Wenya, says, "Kuan-hsin is always original and never follows the mainstream. Her paintings affect my senses like a mysterious smell of flowers on the breeze."

Wilington Lee, the owner of Galerie Elegance, says "Kuo Kuan-hsin's paintings open a door to the mind. We welcome you to discover it for yourselves."