David J. Hurfurt

The Lovers

Your hand sails through my veil of sleep;

I follow its pathways to a place we meet.

By touch, we bridge the distance of our dreams,

And in this world our destiny convenes.

We dance upon a cobbled midnight street;

Stardust trails beneath our wing-tipped feet.

You are the sacred temple of my love,

And I, your ladder to the moon above.

A unicorn appears overhead,

Showering diamonds down on silken thread.

Our bodies curve to this celestial mane,

And blaze against a distant mountain range.

Pure light's transfused and emanates from us,

It pours from doorways, touching as it does

All things with magic, much like Christmas snow,

Setting the violet air we breathe aglow.

We journey through this valley, great and vast,

An ancient night that will forever last,

Conquering sleep and age and even death,

Two spirits blessed with life's eternal breath.